viernes, 18 de septiembre de 2009

zsh saved my home

zsh has just saved my whole /home/rgrau directory .

I was hacking like crazy, listening to some techno music, typing as if I were mad, and that's what happened:

rgrau@ares [ ~/Desktop/pharo ] %cd ..
rgrau@ares [ ~/Desktop ] %cd ..
rgrau@ares [ ~ ] %rm *
zsh: sure you want to delete all the files in /home/rgrau [yn]? n
rgrau@ares [ ~ ]:1 %
Obviously, what I wanted to do is delete all files under Desktop/pharo dir , but I typed the 2 cd .. commands without thinking (I suppose I wanted to do a cd ..;rm -fr pharo )

Anyway, zsh asked me and I read what I was going to do... cold sweat... typed 'n', and went to smoke a cigarette.

Thank you zsh. I really love you.

Btw, if you don't want zsh to save your life, you can add setopt rmstarsilent to your .zshrc .

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