miércoles, 14 de octubre de 2009

Breakout Cornella and Smalltalk-fluidDB hackathon

I just came back home from the Breakout event (Work outside your office initiative).

The balance is really positive. Although not having comunicated or met many people, I think I talked, met and saw after long time the right people :) .

We had internet connection just 20 minutes after arriving there (WIN). Just after that, I could download all the pharo stuff (vm, image and our starting codes). We had a small brainstorm of what we should do during the day, and reread the docs to clarify some things.

After a few minutes, Terry Jones broke into the party (WIN), and we sat down again in the grass and had a master explanation of fluiddb philosophy and expectatives. Then there were lightning talks which I attended partially because I found an 'old professor' of mine (Toni Cañabate, a great and wise guy) and we got distracted of the talks (WIN) . Xavier Noria then arrived, and explained to Jordi Delgado and me some gotchas he had to solve for his Net::FluidDB lib. A perl scalar internals masterclass in 15 minutes.WIN.

After hacking a bit more, we had lunch and some small talk (in the chitchat meaning). Terry and Xavier Noria were with us there too.

We spent the afternoon hacking a bit more, and we finally got to create, retreive, and get the info related to namespaces (Jose Garcia and Bernat Romagosa WIN). Although it's very little compared with what we'll have to write (FAIL) , we 'got' the concept, and we managed to have the basic comunication flow (POST and GET). Apparently, the rest of the lib (at this low-level lib) will be tunning the queries, but the conceptually difficult things are done (or at least, we like to think that).

Btw, fxn, the /(p(erl|ython)|ruby/ guy, explained me some tricks he used in his Net::FluidDB perl lib, for example, moose at its full power (WIN). That means lazy constructors, roles and the like. I'll post something about that soon.

I still don't have any photo (FAIL), so I'll update the post when I find the f*cking usb-mobilePhone wire that I think I lost (FAIL). Fxn has a twitt showing a photo

Overall it was pretty good, I only regret not having had the time to program a bit more (FAIL)... but well....

PS: I don't want to end with red colour, so I'll say that at the WTC (Breakout place) there were *lots* of nice chicks. Lots more than at my $workplace, so Breakout WIN and Citilab WIN for organizing it.

PS: I'm exhausted of adding links. If you want more links in this post, tag a word with a link and refresh.
You wish :)

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