sábado, 23 de enero de 2010

permutations with repetition in scheme

With my exams finished and my final project at uni also finished, I had some time to spend with my already-started-but-not-finished small coding challenges.

As you may know, some time ago I started not one but two implementations of mastermind.

One in Perl, and the other in Scheme.

I wanted to finish the scheme implementation, so I started to look at Donald Knuth's paper about Mastermind. It's not so complicated, but as I've been far from complex algorithms for some time, it scared me a bit.

First thing to do is having available all possible combinations (strictly speaking they are permutations as order matters) of colours (in our case numbers). Two nested maps, a recursive call, and you're done.

As I don't have time to comment all the code, I'll just post here the permutations part, and keep the complete code private for now. When I have the time, I'll post it all, with appropiate comments. It's a minimax algorithm, so not daunting at all, but....

Here it is:

Apart from this, I've hacked with a few things (as time permitted). If you're specially interested in something, ask.

  • net sniffing
  • Image analyzing and video tracking
  • html parsing and web scraping

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