viernes, 26 de marzo de 2010

Let's go everywhere

Last month has been a pretty busy one.

Breakout 4.0, erlang course, Barcelona.PM, Valencia (Fallas) gts, and some hard partying. It's quite difficult to make a synopsis of all the new info and thoughts I've been flooded with, but anyway, this is not a personal explain-my-life blog, or is it? anyway.

On the hands-on techincal side, I've started a web using Pier. I've never worked with any cms to do anything productive, and I decided to use pier due to my mental commitment to smalltalk. It's one of the best languages I've found, and I'd like to learn it well, not only to do a few hacks here and there.

I've been reading The last seaside book, which goes right to the point (IMHO) and is pretty well structured (maybe too verbose at times, but well).

Being a great language itself, smalltalk has a few drawbacks that make me think of going to something more mainstream.

Probably it's more a problem of me being unexperienced in this environment than a problem of pier or smalltalk on their own, but anyway.

Image based persistance is enough for me, but in case I needen some db backend, using magma is not interoperable with other systems, so data is closed to the world.

Apart from that(and random hangs) creating a new class for products, a template view for them, and edit view is really easy, introspection friendly, and fun.

I've been dabbling a bit with tornado, a python minimalist framework to develop simple and fast RESTful Webapps(similar to Dancer and Mojolicious) I'm on a secret project for world domination, and it'll be in python (bummer, I always thought world domination would be in Perl.

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