lunes, 7 de febrero de 2011

Put more vim into your emacs

I'm a vim editing model fan, but emacs is slowly crawling into my
life. emacs had viper (vi emulator) for ages, but it falls short if
you're a vim power user. Vi is not Vim.

For some time there's been vimpulse package that tried to narrow the
difference, adding Visual mode, and some other goodies. Recently,
vimpulse got reactivated, and now, we get text objects, and many
other features from our beloved text editor.

You can even use map, imap, vmap and the like;

the first thing I tried was mapping jk to esc, but the tip in the
vimpulse wiki didn't work. I managed to make it work with this line
in my .emacs file.

(vimpulse-imap "jk" 'viper-exit-insert-state)

Now, there's no need to reach the far escape key.

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