viernes, 4 de febrero de 2011


Little updates to Hascheme, I finally implemented cons, car, cdr,
and list as primitives, After implementing the prove that you can
have datastructures in a language without no more ground than
lambdas, I went for a bit more of efficiency (not that hascheme is
going to be in production ever, but you know…)

Another motivation to implement lists as primitives is that this
way, I can get a kind of homoiconicity. If conses are implemented
in the implemented language (scheme), a list will never be similar
to code, because Perl never sees the datastructure as something it
can deal with.

And what's the ultimate motivation for having all this stuff
working? fun.

I used a very common lisp quine to test that code and data are
implemented internally the same way. That gave a good testbed for
quote too. Unfortunately, using Perl Data::Dump* modules, I can't
tune how lists are printed, and the final nil gets printed too.

Well, here's the proof that Half Assed Scheme can do Half Assed

Next step, testing that closures work. (I'm afraid they don't work quite well)

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