martes, 24 de julio de 2012

Maybe google doesn't know so much about me

Ok, I just used G+ for a few days, and I find some interesting people in there, and also read all that hype that's having, so I decided to explore it a bit, and maybe add people I know IRL to G+ (I  refuse 70% of known people, also on facebook).

I found a tab named "Explore", and thought that maybe these guys would present me something useful. A g+ walkthrough, or interesting posts (hint: TED talks or Google.IO). So here are the first 3.

Jooooder, suputamadre, and many more spanish swearing words after seeing the 'highlighted' posts that google selected for me. It's like quantum leap happening and being an average retarded 15 year old.

Google, I like programming, music, skating, partying, science, art, books, and pr0n.

Thank you.

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Toni dijo...

google really knows you, do not deny.