lunes, 11 de septiembre de 2017

Xamarin on linux

So the whole thing starts wanting to try Xamarin, for a meetup I'm going next Saturday.

The story goes in the following way:

  1. download and install VirtualBox
  2. get some Windows CD/iso. (Windows 7 in my case, to make it the least bloated)
  3. Install windows7 in a Virtualbox.
    1. Realize that you have no space left because Windows needs about 16Gb
  4. Remove some files from my hard drive until I have 25 free Gb. Not very happy to do that.
  5. Install windows7 in a Virtualbox with a 25Gb hd ".vdi" file.
  6. Try to store the vdi file in a usb drive so at least I have a quick backup to restore from.
  7. Realize I can't move 4Gb+ files to my usb drive because it's vfat (because windows compatibility)
  8. /shrug and think "it will be fine" no backup
  9. Get visual studio comunity edition. 
  10. Try to install it.... 
  11. wait 
  12. wait
  13. wait
  14. Install xamarin & android sdk from the installer.
  15. Fuck, it needs 8Gb+, and I don't have them available.
  16. Try to increase the hdd volume. The instructions are scary. And for windows hosts.
  17. cold sweat
  18. Share a folder with the guest OS.
  19. Can't install software there.
  20. Flip table
  21. Realize I don't want to have anything to do with a system that requires 30Gb+ of bloat to write a single hello world. That I cannot ever move from my hd because it doesn't survive in a vfat hd (that I have in this format ONLY to make it compatible with windows)
  22. Remove the whole crap. 
  23. Go learn something useful and fun. It's not that there're no candidates (Rust, Clojure, Reverse Engineering, MachineLearning....)

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