domingo, 1 de marzo de 2009

Vector linux 6.0 in my Acer Aspire One

I recently bought an AAO, that came with linpus (a very visual distro without much features, but I suppose nice for people that doesn't expect much from their AAO).

Last week, when I got a bootable usb to repartition my AAO hd I installed arch in one partition and from arch, I could install vectorlinux from arch partition doing a hosted install. I'm going to explain how to do a hosted install. Very easy:

First you should have a working linux (with 2.6.x kernel, forget DSL) and a free unmounted partition. Vl installer will be able to recognize unmounted partitions.

- Get an vl iso (wget will do)

- When its done, mount it in a temporary directory somewhere

mount -o loop VL6.0-STD-Gold.iso tmpdir
- Copy vinstall-iso file to anywhere outside the tmpdir

cp tmpdir/install/vinstall-iso .

- unmount tmpdir

umount tmpdir
- as root, execute vinstall-iso with vl iso as a parameter

./vinstall-iso VL6.0-STD-Gold.iso
- Install starts normally (text installer)
1) choose the correct screen resolution (for 8.9" screens)
2) lilo didn't see archlinux, so I decided not installing lilo, and just modify archlinux's grub menu.lst file

After installing vl normally, you can reboot, and start using vl.


Wifi led is software controlled, and won't tell you if wifi is on/off. vl can use wireless out of the box. If it does not work, push the wifi switch until it works (you won't need more than 2 tries)

Some more comments on

Have fun with a fully working vector linux installed on your aspire one.

Wireless -> ok
Webcam -> ok
Sound -> ok

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