sábado, 5 de septiembre de 2020

Radicle: Secure peer-to-peer code collaboration without intermediaries

That's a pretty neat project I've stumbled upon. Radicle.

It tries to do a really distributed code management solution by building upon a few concepts I consider super interesting and rock solid. 

I'm gonna be throwing a few keywords that lighted up when reading about it (they might or might not appear as direct references in radicle's articles).: 

  • Git 
  • Merkle trees 
  • P2P 
  • gossip protocols 
  • IPFS 
  • Scuttlebut 
  • pijul 
  • nix 
  • Rust 


That's a lot of cool stuff! I wish I had a bit more time, but lately I'm so much into Red language that I devote 80% of my free time to it. Still learning the basics of its toolchain, but it seems very impressive to me so far.


And here is something totally unrelated, but I enjoyed it so much I have to post it somewhere. A reverse engineering video of Contra (NES videogame from the 80's), with explanation of the konami code.