miércoles, 31 de marzo de 2021

Interesting new-old takes on git

It seems there are a few things going on lately on the git subspace.

For one, ppl are talking about the mail flow vs Pull Request flow. It's interesting how people go back and forth on those: https://blog.brixit.nl/git-email-flow-versus-github-flow/

 Here's an interesting take at git flows again. Git plan focuses on writing the commit message before doing the commits. Maybe it's something to fix the issue/pr dicothomy?: https://github.com/synek/git-plan

And an experience report of using squash+merge for couple of years. That's interesting because it's what we are using at work, and even though I'm skeptical about its advantages, it's nice to see how people perceive the effects of squash+merge: https://blog.dnsimple.com/2019/01/two-years-of-squash-merge/

And a bonus of HN thread with some git helpers using fzf: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=26634419

jueves, 4 de marzo de 2021

a few cli tools

 New job, new tooling, and reinventing the same trick again and again :)

This time, a few things on console stuff:

  • https://github.com/okbob/pspg
  • https://github.com/rcoh/angle-grinder
  • https://github.com/jpmens/jo