miércoles, 19 de octubre de 2016

TIL: highlight jira's comments

At (sys:getenv "WORK") we use JIRA as an issue tracker.  An issue tracker you can hate as much as any other issue tracker (maybe even a bit more).

The problem at hand today is that I can't see the highlighting of the focused element in jira in my screen (depending on the lights and reflection), and in long threads, it makes impossible to see what is the comment that I'm supposed to be looking at.

The tip for today is to overwrite css for some sites.  In conkeror we could add the configs in .conkerorrc but it seems firefox (keysnail for that matter) makes us use a userContent.css which belongs to a profile.

For me, I had to edit the file "/home/rgrau/.mozilla/firefox/c32dsif..default/chrome/userContent.css"

and add this:
@-moz-document domain(jira.myserver.com) {
    .focused { border: solid 1px !important; }
    /* .focused { background-color: red !important; } */