domingo, 21 de febrero de 2021

2 emacs lisp curiosities

So some guy wrote a story about emacs being used in some air traffic control system, because elisp. :) And another user (unrelated) showed off this amazing cl-loop in emacs. 

 2 elispy things that got me smiling this weekend :)

"When all you have is a Lisp ...

...everything looks like a recursive merge of trees"

It's been a little more than a month at Metabase, and doing Clojure is giving me again those deep recursive thoughts of seeing every problem as a recursive merge of trees.

I've looked at this python deep merge of dictionaries I used for some project at my previous $JOB.

And there are DSLs everywhere (sometimes, more than I think are needed).

And there's Specter, and Meander ( ) that use the code-is-data approach.

And just getting familiar with edn, that even it is very simple and minimal. It is malleable enough to be processed. 

I'm also working on a clojure version of gojira, that of course uses some tree merging.