domingo, 12 de agosto de 2018

Adopting org-gcal.el

I just wanted to announce that I recently adopted org-gcal.

This great emacs mode imports google calendar events to your org files, and has some support for exporting events to your google calendars.

The author went missing in action for more than a year, and there were some nasty bugs in master that made the initial experience quite disappointing. Most of the bugs had Pull Requests opened, but still pending to be merged. So I decided to adopt the package to give it some love, and since last week, the melpa link points to my repo instead of @myuhe's.

Big props to the original author and also the many users of the module that helped with the migration.

If you use org-gcal, my recommendation is to update the package, and it will only improve your experience. There's an ongoing big refactoring that uses oauth2.el to manage all the tokens and oauth, but it still have issues that I haven't figured out how to solve in an elegant way.
Of course, if you have suggestions (or even better, code) for org-gcal, please direct them to .