jueves, 27 de junio de 2013

github + emacs + conkeror = m-x github-clone-repo

Well, after a month of no activity in this blog (too many real life
issues to attend like european lisp symposium, european CL meeting or Barcelona Music HackDay and Sonar2013 itself), Whatever, I'm back to blogging.


Lately I started to use conkeror as my main browser. That means using
it for most of the tasks, and trying to configure it properly for all
my needs.

It feels really nice when the same shortcuts you'd use in emacs work
in your browser, and in fact, it has a very emacsy approach also on
the code. The browser is written in javascript, and it also has
page-modes, interactive functions, minibuffer, etc...


When you use an extensible software you start becomming aware of your
movements.  I had that feeling and wrote org-protocol-github-lines to
add links in github pages that pointed to emacs.

Another feature of org-protocol-github-lines is that you have a new
button on top of github urls where you can clone a repo to your machine.

So what?

Since I have m-x in my browser, I try to write commands for repetitive
tasks (the same I'd do with emacs). So I wrote this little snippet
that you can put in your .conkerorrc and m-x github-clone-repo to get the repo on your box
. provided you have emacs-server running and
org-protocol-github-lines.el evaluated .

If you want to give it a try, you just have to get conkeror, org-protocol-github-lines, and this snippet. And configure them Probably I'll add the snippet to the repo. Pull Requests are also very welcome.