domingo, 24 de febrero de 2013

Armagetron advanced, a few years after

Some years ago I got really addicted to armagetron advanced. A Snake-like game where you drive Tron Light cycles.

 It's dead simple, but the simplicity itself is what makes it so awesome. In fact, The only kind of games that trapped me in the last 10 years where playable with 4 buttons max. (sdmkun, elastomania, *cave, and most ABA games).

 So I installed armagetronad again and went to the internetz to play some styball. It's a bummer that there are no styball servers anymore. But thanks to that I fetched the source to see if I could find the styball mode, and.... besides finding it, I also found a branch which embeded lua into armagetronad. Yeah, modding arma in lua will be great.

 I hope I don't get addicted again.

 And, as a gift, here you have an explanation of rubber, a great concept to deal with latency in armagetron. I think it's one of the things that make aa so amazing.

 Ah, and here's a cheatlist for armagetronad. nice to have, eh? :)

 Btw, it's funny that I loved that game before watching the movie, and before knowing that this movie was somehow related to smalltalk. Hey, even in the 'Tron legacy' movie, there's emacs appearing in some occasion :)