domingo, 29 de marzo de 2009

vim and rst, a confortable way to do presentations

I've been hunting for a good app to write slides without much success:

I've tried from powerpoint-esque approaches, to text presentations with tpp . I haven't found a single good one, but well...

  • Powerpoint/OO slides failed. GUI. Big Files. I don't like to work visually with those kind of programs.
  • tpp and magicpoint failed. Too naive, or too dificult to configurate.
  • Latex-beamer was good enough. Bad thing is I have to insall latex, where usually I don't have installed. Very professional look. That's a big++.
Having tried nearly all typical programs (I don't use Mac , so keynote is not an option), I decided to go into a DIY mood finding more 'housemade' apps.

  • plain HTML templates. Probably, when I have some time, I'll do a perl script to embed text into chained html's with a common structure. I think it's the best option available (oh duh, isn't it sad?).
  • text2tags | markdown | rst . For the moment, I'll go with rst, using a vim plugin to generate the final html or s5 slides. It's easy, it's vim, it's lightweight, it's html, it's portable.... I just would like it was more clear and easy to modify...

What I've choosen is vim vst plugin . A plugin to generate html, s5 or latex from a simple syntax based on ReST.

It works quite well for writting short to medium sized texts, without having to think about presentation.

Give it a try and see.

Some css here

Addendum: EPIC FAIL for presentations. Depending on the resolution, text doesn't fit the screen. If you limit to 10 code lines, you probably get no problems, but... For plain html it's quite good and straight to write.

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