lunes, 11 de mayo de 2009

Farewell sir +f

A wise man, the greatest reverser and one (or two?) of the men who made a lot of reversing knowledge public, to us.

Back in late '90s, some of us started our intenet adventure, and we felt that all that information we had available wasn't enough. We scratched the surface and dug until we found a forest. Yeah, the old Searchlores Castle.

There were some of the smartest people around the techworld, publishing essays and documents about fishing. They not only told us how to get a fish, but made us want to know where fishes came from, and go there. Nevermind the obstacles. Everything is bit .

+HCU gave lots of reversing knowledge to us, poor crackers.

Then we understood the meaning of reversing and started to feel the code. We were starting to use the Zen way of approaching things. Not only reversing code, but reversing the code of life.

When internet was getting too much messy. He started a new project, related to the old forest and philosophy but in a more abstract way. It was about knowing you can get the knowledge. It's meta-knowledge. And this was impossible to cover it all. The field is not enormous (as in reversing) but infinite.

We've spent too many hours reading your smart texts (and probably missunderstanding most of your winks.

Unfortunately, you couldn't make it to 2032, and passed away last May 3rd, but there's plenty of people that will take your word to 2032 and more, and for sure, you can be satisfyed of having given the 'critical thinking' to many of us.

Happy reversing, wherever you are Mr. +fravia.

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