lunes, 31 de agosto de 2009

New projects, old projects, and EOH

End of holidays (EOH) is here, and it's time to think about past, preesent and future projects. I should wrap up old qw(projects friends jobs ideas energy-spent-where) and refactor them into shiny new $_ . First of all, a little change in my blog. On the right side, there's a link to vl site, and I've set up a search bar.


I've decided to leave ratfinder as is, and in case of wanting to add new features, start it from the scratch, with a more global vision of perl. I think I need to mess with some small project to apply all the recently learned stuff (Moose, git / hg , Module::Pluggable, Perl::Critic, Test::More, even KiokuDB ). Anyway, I still use ratfinder about 20 times a day, and it could be improved, I like it very much. Some ideas are:

  • Use Curses::UI to make it totally console friendly
  • Use Module::Pluggable to allow plugins like: LRU, playlists, exes...
At work, well... I'm still doing the old projects, and until I finish my Undergrad project , I'll be on theese 3 projects of mine related to Evolutionary Algorithms.

Ideas... lots of new cool stuff to think about, and to learn, but definately, being meerly a technical post, I'll underline 2 books that CDamian gave away (bookcrossing).
  • Effective Perl Programming
  • Mastering Algorithms With Perl
I was mostly after MAWP but for the moment, I've read more of EPP than the other. EPP is a very concise book, with really short chapters, teaching you little tricks or warning you against some perl gotcha. I find it really enlightening despite being a book from the late nineties.


I've just started a couple of new pet projects, just to have some fun with perl. One is a MasterMind game. I know there's some MM modules on CPAN, but I think it's a simple enough project to try to do in a couple of days (maybe three). After having the main structure (using Moose), I'd like to try Merelo's Algorithm::Evolutionary and write an cpu player. I will upload soon at my (currently inactive) github account.

Another project is a text installer for Vector Linux. Let's see how does it evolves, we do not know even which language will be using (python? perl? plain bash?? nah ..) . There's already an info page and mercurial repo in vlcore . The project is called vinstall-cli (oh duh!) .

Let's see how everything goes, but there has been some movement in smalltalk field lately...


Ideas for this new course are basically:
  • Better managing of my time.
  • Reading more than in the past year.
  • Go abroad at least once.
  • Try to convert myself into an office enabler . It's a concept I'm really familiar with, but it's the first time I see it written somewhere. It'd be great to take good profit of my profile.
  • Learn some web stuff and do freelance projects.

There are some books I'd like to finish before starting new ones.
  • Mercurial. The definitive guide
  • Effective Perl Programming
  • PLAI
Until I finish one of theese books I've promised myself I won't start anything else. Will I be able to acomplish my promise?

Next books I want to read (or reread):
  • OnLisp
  • Gödel, Escher Bach
  • Extreme perl
  • Mastering Algorithms with perl

Raimon, out.

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