jueves, 17 de septiembre de 2009

Perl Prgogrammin mini courses. Thankyou ironmen

I've been an addicted follower of perl ironman challenge since t=0 .

There are posts of all kinds, but I'd like to underline some posts that are starting to be more and more common (and I really love them).

I'm thinking of those posts made of sub-posts, like chapters in a book, that go into a problem and try to solve it in many different ways, improving the solution on every new post. It's like reading one of those books that start with a little history and tells us the way to solve the problem, and giving simple solutions at first, changes to OOP solutions, and ends with Higher Order Functions and closures. (Intermediate Perl maybe?)


http://perliscopio.blogspot.com/2009/09/usando-perl-moderno.html (in spanish)

Now a series of blogposts by brunorc about Catalyst

On my part, I've been writing some more code and tests for my Mastermid Game. Guesser can play in 2 modes for the moment: Totally random guesses and cached Random (in order not to repeat guesses). Next step is implementing the black/white pin answer, and then try to make it play wisely.

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