lunes, 12 de octubre de 2009

gtd and speedreading

As you know, I've started to read the GTD book. For the moment it's being a fairly good read. Very clear concepts, written in a very straight way, and there's little to no 'boilerplate'.

Another book I recently started (that means, this very same weekend) is 'Teach yourself speed reading'. Another clear book with some key concepts to boost the reading proces.

Both books have some concepts in common (in fact, efficient reading is a particular and speciallized version of getting something done).

For example, knowing your concentration and don't forcing yourself to do things you will do better in other conditions. Or the 'prepare' or 'study your enemy' part. both books put lots of emphasis in this preliminar concept of knowing the 30000 feet picture.

Part of this phase is asking you "what you will get of completing this project (reading this book/article)" . Once you achieve it, stop reading. That's a very pragmatic approach, but GTD also have the 'next actions' list, where there are sentences of phisical actions that will move the project on, towards the desired direction.

They both sound like an agile methodology for life, don't they?

Well, I wanted to train a bit of speed reading, so I started to write a program to skim texts. ATM it uses opengl with glut. I'll post the code when it is something half decent.

Warning! c code ahead!!

Here's a good opengl survey about fonts.

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