domingo, 13 de diciembre de 2009

info is power

In planet emacs, I discovered that there's a version of SICP in info format.

If you don't know what's SICP, it is a computer science book about programming fundamentals, that teaches you how to think about programming, and algorithms in general.

I'm reading it little by little because there are many deep concepts that I need to interiorize with some extra time and rereads. The book is freely available in html format. There are other sites that offer a pdf version, but this info version at , sounds like a great option, because I'll be able to read it in any info pager, without relying on slow pdf viewers, or having to be online and use a browser.

after downloading the file , I installed it moving the file to a info suitable place (/usr/share/info and /usr/info are good places for vectorlinux).

To make it available from info's top menu, you should add a link line in the 'dir' file, or you can use intall-info.

As I had my info 'dir' file somewhat outdated, that's what I did to rebuild the whole dir:
for i in $(ls /usr/info/*) do install-info $i /usr/info/dir
now, when I type "info" in my command line, I get a 2362 line info index and among library infos and so, there's
* SICP: (sicp). Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

Sorry, no puns, no music links, no OMFGWTFORLYFAIL links today.

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Rodrigo Bistolfi dijo...

I had to gunzip /usr/info/dir.gz
I dunno why the file is gziped but info can handle it just fine. In any case, c-h i FTW.
Btw, I get 2575 possible completions for info command, WIN