jueves, 2 de diciembre de 2010

HAHA! You're not regular anymore!1

Via HN I saw praprog released another magazine, this one fully dedicated to ruby (What a coincidence! :) )

I skimmmed all the articles but paying more attention to a couple of them:

One of them talk about new features of Ruby 1.9.2. It seems ruby is getting faster and faster on every release (a good thing since speed is one of the major 'problems' I had read about ruby).

Another place where it has improved is on the regex side. Now ruby regexes allow named captures (feature added to perl in 5.10 IIRC), and recursive regexes (The not-so-regular regexes are here) there are some flags like /x /g and /k, that let you reference captures more easily than plain old \1, \2 ...

All in all, quite cool stuff that makes me feel a bit more at (perl) home.

Unfortunately, I couldn't practice with rails yet. I did some progress on ruby koans though. A busy week in Tenerife.

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