lunes, 20 de diciembre de 2010

PLOP Loops Over PLOP

Quines, like JAPHS, are great hobbies for us, little riddle-solvers.
Here are the 3 most amazing quines I found lately.

third order quine . And here's a SO post discussing a bit about it

ruby rotating earth quine

The new kid on the block. Judge yourself.

For those who didn't bother to google or wikisearch, here's a quine guide

And here, a lisp quine that shows the greatness of simplicity.

((lambda (x) (list x (list 'quote x)))
'(lambda (x) (list x (list 'quote x))))

PS: This post is under 'mis cosas' (personal) tag, because there's much more than programming involved in the mind process to understand these things. So yes, quines are a cool concept even IRL.

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