martes, 22 de marzo de 2011

Managing the unmanageable with git

After 2 months using git regularly, there are a couple of things that I'd like to comment here, just for further adding on other posts.

Mostly, for me there's a first blocker that is understanding how the global thing works. To solve this, I can recommend git from the bottom up. a great introduction to git written quite differently from most other docs that want to explain the same. Understanding the low level stuff helps you getting intuition, and IMHO it's essential to get this kind of intuition when using such holistic systems.

Most tutorials give you the essential syntactic information that you can get from man (btw, man git-whatever will give you lots of info), but for me, knowing the workflow and how-to think gittish (or thinkgit if you prefer) is what bothered me most of the time.

You probably have heard about nvie's git workflow. I haven't tried it yet, and at work we use a simpler workflow based on a remote master branch, two local branches (master,working) and quite centralized flow.

Not being a git power user (I'd say I'm just scratching the surface) I'm going to write a couple of posts that are what I'd have needed when I started with it seriously.

Checkout - what happens when you checkout
Clean - oops, I think I messed something
Stash - Smashing the stash for fun and profit
Rebase - commit -am 'fdsda'
Bisect - It's always been that way NOT!

If you have suggestions or something to add, I hope you will comment. Remember, I'm learning as I write these posts, so you can and MUST collaborate!

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