viernes, 1 de abril de 2011

Modern Perl Toolchain, dip your toe

Yesterday, we had another Bcn PerlMongers meeting, and AlexM showed us some nifty tools he's using in a project he's into.

Basically these are what in the perlsphere is called Modern Perl Toolchain.

Forget about cpan asking tons of questions, forget about only one
location for modules.

With the help of:

And some plugins for dzilla, you get isolated perl instalations, with
their own modules (@INC), and a trully easy maintenance of
Boilerplate. In fact, it's as easy as it can get, because, you don't
have to do any dedicated maintenance for them.

I had tried some of the old ways to package apps, and so, and when I
saw the power of these 3 modules (I had already used cpanm, but..), I
felt we got an autoshaving yak.

Here are the slides that AlexM kindly uploaded today.

During the talk, some modules arouse to the conversation, and I
took a look at some of them:

similar to Casiano's Remote::Use, but probably easier in its usage. a big win.

That's the killer one for me. It hooks on die signal, and spawns a
REPL and you have then access to the whole environment. Great great great.

If you want to set 'breakpoints' you can hook warns instead of just exceptions.

And another cool feature is that you use it just enabling it from the commandline

perl -MCarp::REPL

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