martes, 26 de abril de 2011

Perl, paths, local::lib and why I got stuck for a week

When writting ratfinder2, I started testing it in console, and when the main structure kind of worked (the plugin system is for Yet Another Post(tm) ), I wrote the gui stuff, and plugged alltogether. Everything worked ok when run from console. but if the program is executed directly through a ratpoison binding, the script didn't work.

After some debugging time, and nothing seeming to make sense, trying && failing while(1..Inf);... the solution is here.

The thing is that when executing the perl script directly, .zshrc doesn't get executed, so the path isn't added. Be able to run the script we can use 'use lib "/home/rgrau/perl5/lib/perl5";', or otherwise call the script with the -I flag setting the appropiate path.

I suppose if you bind an icon on gnome/kde/windows to a perl program, you should be aware of that, and bind the icon to the appropiate command.

so now, my ratpoisonrc line is like

bind j exec perl -I/home/kidd/perl5/lib/perl5 ~/bin/
bind C-j exec perl -I/home/kidd/perl5/lib/perl5 ~/bin/

I know it seems obvious now, that you should tell your perl where the modules are, but once you forget about local::lib.... It can't be unforgotten :). The opposite of THIS

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