viernes, 6 de mayo de 2011

Technologically impaired office

Ok, I've already spent too much time trying to write a doc in openoffice to acknowledge that most of general user-friendly apps are for total technologically impaired ducks. It's not that there are no shortcuts for everything, its much more simple than that.

Every single function has a button for it. You want to indent a paragraph, ok, there's a button for it, outdent, another button... The fscking problem is I'm not in the mood of looking through all the buttons of all toolbars until I find it. And guess what? Selecting a paragraph and pressing tab, just blows you paragaph away and adds a tab.

My Technologically impaired solution.
foreach @line {press(tab,↓,←)}

Popups are the root of all evil. Well, openoffice will nag you when the cursor is on a table, a numeration, or god knows what.

Nested enumerations with styles, another shitstorm.... Copypastable formatting, font, background highlight and all the unwanted persistency of a place-and-format. You will get signs from the past red bold letters that lived in the place you're editing 3 centuries ago.

For this and much more, I declare myself technologically impaired.

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