miércoles, 22 de junio de 2011

Don't quit emacs by accident

Today I read a blogpost by en emacser blogger (tsengf) about quitting emacs accidentally.

He writes a function to avoid closing emacs by accident when there's an opened file that belongs to any of your projects.

My approach is somewhat different:

Usually, when I have emacs opened, I have some processes running within it. That makes emacs warn me when I press c-x c-c by accident, and asks for confirmation (the same way as if I had unsaved buffers)

Anyway, sometimes my muscle memory screws everything, and presses 'y' without asking my conscious mind.

Here are a couple of solutions that work to some extend.

The first one is the radical one. Just do not shut up emacs. Yes, as strange as it seems, I rarely have to close emacs while my computer is on.

global-unset-key c-x c-c

Then you have to exit emacs with the name of the whole command save-buffers-kill-terminal

As a not-so-radical solution, my bet is for desktop-save to save every session in your home directory.

(defun desktop-save-main ()
(desktop-save "~/"))
(add-hook 'kill-emacs-hook 'desktop-save-main)

Then, if you want to recover the state of the previous session, you have to eval (desktop-read) or (desktop-read "~/") if you aren't on your home dir.

If you had sql sessions, erc sessions, or any other comint buffer... well... you lost them.

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2 comentarios:

David dijo...

Do not you use GNU/Emacs as a daemon yet?


Don't quit emacs more!

Raimon Grau dijo...

Hello David,

I use it in some machines, but anyway, c-x c-c closes all clients at once (at least, in my setups).

In fact I use a bastarized version of bill clemeston emacsclients setup. Anyway, it's a nice topic for another post. :)