jueves, 14 de julio de 2011

Sending links when you cannot send files.

I've been reviewing my ~/bin directory and felt like sharing some of the little scripts there.

Today, here's a little Perl script that helps me when having to give a file (screenshot or something) to someone @work. Most people do it by mail, or using jabber protocol. Unfortunately, emacs-jabber does not allow sending nor receiving files, and opening mail client and attaching files is waaay to slow and boring.

The way I work with this situation is having a simple http server in my computer, and moving the file there. then, I paste the link to my coworker, and he/she just has to click it and download.

The http server lives inside emacs. Oh yeah, that's irrelevant. But I had to say it.

Well, here's a script I wrote in 2 minutes.

Hashing the name is to avoid name guessing. I think I got this idea from a Mark Fowler's post that was doing something like this with dropbox.

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