domingo, 11 de septiembre de 2011

can your editor^W OS do this?

Here is an emacs feature that it's hard to believe until you see it working.

m-x butterfly

Unbelievable, no?

Well, let's link this amazing functionality to the gesturing strokes-mode.

m-x strokes-mode
m-x strokes-global-set-stroke

Then, click in the buffer that appeared, and draw(drag) a circle with your mouse. when you end, press the right button.

now emacs will ask you for a command. Now it's the butterfly turn. write 'butterfly'.

Ok, now you have configured and amazing mouse gesture that will flip bits on your hard drive only by reproducing the figure (circle) you just did before.

in any buffer, press shift and draw a circle dragging the second mouse button (mouse wheel probably).


PS: I've changed the shortcut from the second button to first, and now I can use my tablet to manage emacs. And here's another great thing of the ubiquity of emacs: You can use it to manage things related to irc,jabber,mail,text editing, playlist managing and even pdf reading. neat.

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