lunes, 10 de octubre de 2011

steve, the web, and innovation.

It's been less than a week a genius left us yada yada yada.....

Since last October 5, I've been thinking a lot about Alan Kay and I was waiting to see some references from sites talking about MrJobs to Mr.Kay.

Well, today I've seen it, and this post will be just a kudos to people knowing the real story, that Steve had great qualities, and was visionary in a very bright way, but he didn't invent the future. You know...

But the internetz has gone crazy on this, so I wanted to point out a couple of curiosities I've seen since then.

- First, a HN screenshot I did the 'day of the facts'.
- Then a post talking about Alan Kay, linked from a 'outstanding articles' widget, pairing with Steve.
- Now a great and long post about great things that happened at XEROX PARC, and things Jobs saw there, and how he implemented then in Apple. He didn't invent the mouse, but simplified it (in fact, Xerox didn't invent it either), he didn't invent GUI, but adopted it, and he didn't invent the iPad, but 'implemented' it, in the exact moment there was market for it.


Btw, if you wanna know more about Kay and friends, here is another post on this blog with amazing videos, or just check the internetz, or just download pharo/squeak.

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