domingo, 20 de noviembre de 2011

Creating a simple common lisp application

After giving a further look at common lisp (a bit of PAIP, and PCL), I've found a project that can be a nice 1st app for me.

To develop a common lisp app, first you need to set up the environment and choose the toolchain. These have been my decisions. Tips are pretty appreciated.


The requirements are the bare minimum for common lisp. I use SBCL myself, and don't know much of the differences between implementations. sbcl works just fine.


I use emacs 24, with slime, paredit and autocomplete. Use whatever you feel like but notepad. Obviously, emacs is recommended :)


Use quickload to find and load libraries. It's surprisingly easy and straightforward to use.


quickproject to initialize the project is a nice way to avoid writting bolierplate, and to make sure your project will be loadable through ,load-system.


I tried a couple of testing packages for common lisp, and decided to go with lisp-unit due to its simplicity and availability in ql repos.

Code repository

The code is being hosted in a private git repo in bitbucket. They give you unlimited public/private (*yes*, private) repos, using git/hg, with issue tracking and all, for free. It seems a nice nice alternative to github. great to host projects in early stage where you don't feel like sharing the code to the world.

That's it for now. There's no public code for the moment... There's nothing to see here :)

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