domingo, 4 de marzo de 2012

more macros

Some links to useful/cool/smart lisp macros are appearing in that reddit post . There are a few really nice examples: from 'simple' templating systems to output html from Lisp, to more or less sophisticated macros-that-generate-macros, and even execute comments using reader macros. And the amazing factor-like stack concatenative language inside emacs (||| lisp-val: (list 1 2 3 4) { 1 + } map { 2 > } filter )

Here is a page where you can find most 'standard' macros from On lisp, ready to use for emacs lisp. I've used some of them for my new emacs project I'm doing with davazp.

There are also some nice macros in the third part of lisp for the web articles.

And here's a nice example of how awesome can 25 lines of lisp be. Not sure it's the best macro example, but got a smile in my face the first time I saw it.

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