lunes, 27 de mayo de 2013

cool org-mode 8 features

This weekend I stopped playing with lua and finally got some time to upgrade org to the newest version.

Org 8 had lots of improvements and new features compared to 7.9.x.  There were a couple of those that I wanted to try as soon as possible:

  • New Exporters: org-mode now uses org-element to parse org files. That's a big big improvement because that allows users to write new exporters relying on a somewhat more abstract and high level parser api than what we had before.

  • orgstruct and orgstruct++ got orgstruct-heading-prefix-regexp option to set allowed prefixes and be able to fold parts of non-org files as if they where

On the exporters side, I tried org-reveal, and it works great so far. an exporter to make presentations using reveal.js   Probably I'll try it for real next week when when I'll be doing some talk at my workplace.

(require 'ox-reveal)
(setq org-reveal-root "reveal.js")

Meanwhile in orgstruct... being able to define prefixes for orgstruct-mode allows us to have foldable text files. For example, use the following line to make it work in elisp files.

(setq orgstruct-heading-prefix-regexp "^;; ")

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