martes, 1 de octubre de 2013

Absolute vs relative times in applications

[m] ok
[m] and do you thing relative time is more useful then absolute one?
[m] or vice versa?
[m] the other one will be on tooltip
[rgrau] day/time for me is the most valuable   
[rgrau] batch processes are at 4:00
[k] I think relative time is more useful if it refreshes automatically
[rgrau] not 8 hours ago
[k] like, each 10 seconds
[m] it refreshes automatically
[k] then yes
[rgrau] but you loose track
[rgrau] because you have to synch every time  
[m] for me relative is for quick check
[m] absolute for serious things
[rgrau] at any scale, I know where am I
[rgrau] (tm)
[m] :D
[m] pfff
[m] because it is not 'ago'
[rgrau] absolute time is the way
[rgrau] if it's shorter 
[rgrau] (tm)
[rgrau] in the app logs, if you have to compare , there's absolute date
[rgrau] and absolute dates do not rely in the global state of the world
[rgrau] it's immutable
[rgrau] so better
[rgrau] (and I mean it (tm))
What's your take?

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