jueves, 17 de octubre de 2013

Yet Another Find File In Project in Emacs

Every other day in reddit /r/emacs there's someone asking for this find-in-project feature that has sublime/textmate/vim(ctrl-p) users so addicted.  Is there anything similar for emacs?

The answer is (as usual), yes, more than one, probably more than needed.

People are suggesting projectile, prelude, helm or fiplr.  The point is that if the only feature you want is to search on a git repo, and you don't want any of the other sugar that projectile/prelude provide (you already know stock emacs), you can write your own in 5 minutes. So I did. Long time ago, when there weren't so many search packages, and I just wanted a fraction of available plugins offered.

It was also a nice exercise when I was learning elisp.

Here it is:

Sorry again to planet emacs readers. The gist isn't showing properly there.... :/

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