jueves, 19 de diciembre de 2013

lua and luajit

In the lua workshop, lots of nice topics were raised, but something that striked me was when everyone agreed that writting lua for luajit or for the official lua VM was totally different, and ppl had different mindsets when writting for one or the other.  I know there's a big difference on how to write bindings to C (luajit being more fond of ffi and stock lua prefering the Lua C Api.

If you wanna know a bit more on how luajit works and where it gets its blazing speed, here you have some links to explore it, and to get a grasp of differences between lua implementations.

Agentzh talking about why he (and cloudflare) are targeting mostly luajit:

Nice introduction to luajit. In fact it's mostly lua, but maybe the second part will be more targeted to luajit

Mike Pall has written a few times about how luajit tracer works.

And here it's a functional library which, not being directly linked to luajit, it makes a really nice usage of iterators to build code structures lazily and make the traces jittable by luajit. nice code read.

If you're on the stock lua vm, here you have a paper with a good overview of how lua 5.0 was implemented.

Also, there are a lot of libraries and apps that are targeting just the luajit implementation. It creates some nasty splits on the community, but you know... these things happen.

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