miércoles, 5 de marzo de 2014


Since I discovered conkeror, I'm not using w3m that much, because conkeror works great :)

The issue is that doing any kind of web dev in conkeror is suboptimal. Its support for firebug is quite basic. One option is opening different browsers depending on the url. That makes sense, and I used this technique when I was using w3m.

But I wanted to explore a different approach. My problem is the following. Usually I want to open a url in conkeror, but if chromium is already opened, it's probably that I'm using some of the devtools, and I want to keep using it during this 'session'.

What I don't want is to have 2 browsers opened.Unless I open them manually, then, follow the preferences. Although being complex to explain, it just feels right when I use it.

So I hacked some elisp to give priorities to browsers, and use a default one when there's nothing opened.

The idea is quite simple: Just look for the browsers in order of preferences, and open the first one that is already opened. The last one is a hack, to open conkeror by default.

It's an ugly hack, but hopefully you'll learn some elisp API you didn't know :)

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