miércoles, 13 de mayo de 2015

[ANN] - Helm-dash 1.2.1 released

It's been a long time since any announcement on helm-dash. Now that we hit 100stars, we are happy to release a new version which supports third party docsets.

Kapeli keeps a list of user contributed docsets which aren't officially supported but in a contrib repo.

As the way to fetch the docsets changes completely from the official ones, I created a kind of adapter that fetches the docsets info and offers a curated version through a very simple API. The app that manages this is called dashes-to-dashes .  Every 20something minutes it updates the list of user contributed docsets, and makes it available for any helm-dash user who runs `m-x helm-dash-install-user-docset'.  The official ones are still available on 'm-x helm-dash-install-docset'.

There are some improvements in the support for windows, and a few bugfixes here and there.

Also, there's a branch waiting to land that will improve the userdoc trimming. When searching "rails | controller" it'll narrow the search just to 'ruby on rails' docset.

Stay tunned, and thanks for the support!

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