miércoles, 27 de enero de 2016

Let's talk about multiplicative factors

It seems 2016 came with some buzz on a couple of recurrent topics: 'Unicorns do/do-not exist', 'github rules/sucks' and 'the 10x programmer'.

I'm not sure about the first statement, and I'm by no means qualified to talk about it. But on the 2nd one, because I'm always looking for reasons and ways to improve, and because I like the "worse is better" (tacking this into account) debate. So here are some of them:
It's funny how in the 2nd link, there's this point:

Let’s not adopt this new technology.
Can we achieve the same thing with a technology that the team is already using and familiar with? “The best tool for the job” is a very dangerous phrase.

Which matches a lot with a line I have in my self-description-doc.

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