domingo, 20 de marzo de 2016

Praising MJD

Mark Jason Dominus is one of those guys that is worth following everywhere in the net.

  • Web: His site is quite old school. It reminds me of c2, or, that have really old look but is full of insights and no-bullshit content. Also, loads instantly.
  • Blog: Wide range of topics. From systems programming to functional programming, haskell, monads, git, books, alien codes, mathematics.... 
  • Book: Higher Order Perl is a great book on functional programming. It uses Perl, but the concepts are really language agnostic. It clearly follows a similar approach to SICP, maybe with a more practical approach.  Higher Order Perl is on my top 10 list of tech books. Top5 if we exclude lisp books.
  • Talks: He excels at giving talks also. There are very nice talks about. 

3 comentarios:

Mark Dominus dijo...

Thanks for your kind words!

Raimon Grau dijo...


Thanks to you for passing by and saying hello.

Btw, Any news on the red flags book? drafts? something? maybe for christmas? :)

Happy hacking.

Mark Dominus dijo...

The Red Flags book is never going to happen. The publishers dropped the ball back in 2007, then my wife got pregnant, and now I think it's too late. Sorry!