martes, 20 de diciembre de 2016

How to replace procrastination by a list of parsing techniques

Here's a very nice Wadler's paper with quite simple ideas to get you through a way of parsing which I guess predates monads, and monadic parser combinators.

How to replace failure by a list of successes.

Seeing it after playing with SMUG (Common Lisp Monadic parser combinator lib), watching MJD's Higher Order Parsing techniques with perl, and re-reading his parsing chapter definitely helped a lot to make all that fuzzy knowledge settle a bit.

Unfortunatelly, I'm not using any parsing technique very often, but I like to read about all those crazy parsing techniques. (See META: Pragmatic parsing in Common Lisp for another one (inspired by Val Schorre's no-words-to-describe-how-enlightening-is-it META-II)).

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