sábado, 12 de mayo de 2018

Lisp recent threads

Lately, some articles on Lisp appeared in my usual websites.

Here's a HN thread where you can see the usual lispers enlightening other people about why Common Lisp is a very special beast.  DR Christian Shafmeister (CLASP) gives masterclasses in every post. Don't miss any :). There's some mention to those charts, where lisp shows as one of the both fastest and cheapest languages (after the ones that are specifically built to be superfast or efficient, while being more flexible than both)

Beautiful Racket, another hn post about the book.

Cloe lang. Apparently a heavily concurrent lisp.

extramaze, is built with racket, and the post shows some tricks used there.

Some CL macros?

Insightful post about starting a project in CL (going from repl to a project). Specially cool comment on tooling.

And as a bonus, RMS talking about his story with lisps. Very nice read also

I think I miss CL ... (...said while installing sbcl....)

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