jueves, 9 de mayo de 2019

preview files/links without changing the focus

I realized today that there's a consistent way (although not very intuitive to me) to peek (preview) a destination of a clickable thing without opening it. 

It's "C-o".  Of course, it is very useful for browsing and exploring purposes.  Just try it in dired, occur, ibuffer, rg, and probably many more.

In most of those modes "o" "opens" a buffer on the destination and gives the focus to it, so I guess "C-o" makes sense, it's just I'm so used to hit RET that I never think of "C-o".

Anyway, I hope you find this one helpful

2 comentarios:

wanderley.guimarães dijo...

How do you close the window opened by `C-o`? I usually use `winner-undo` (`C-c `) but I always wanted to know if there is other way to do that.

Raimon Grau dijo...

I'd use either 'winner-undo or "c-x 1" if you had only one window. I'm not sure there's a fancier way.