miércoles, 6 de noviembre de 2019

Emacsconf 2019!

Emacsconf last Saturday was a blast! I planned to attend for a couple of talks and ended up staying the whole day!

Quite interesting talks, made by passionate contributors, cutting BS to 0, and somehow the talks were broad enough to take something from each one of them.

Even digressions in the irc channels were also interesting. Of course, the tribe that joins a saturday on an irc channel and a video streaming of emacs stuff for 9 hours, we're more than ok to discuss about window managers, programming languages, and all sorts of emacsy geekyness not entirely related with the talks. There was a very good vibe there.

A couple of talks focused more on the meaning of emacs as an FSF flagship, and the political meaning of the project. Very important to note that in a gathering of emacsers. I sometimes forget that emacs is as much of a software artifact than a political statement.

Jitsi behaved ok for 70% of the time, but the first 30% was a bit worrisome.  Connection dropping and audio cutting was a bit frustrating. The organizers did a great job solving those (I can imagine the stress), and they had the "recorded lightning talks" card up their sleeve.  Kudos to them, and to JohnW who got most of the jitsi difficulties in his turn :/.  Luckily he was calm and patient enough to flyby those hiccups and the message went through ok.

Annnnd the closing keynote.  That one gave some food for thought...  Better html support, different implementation language (learning from Remacs?) different extension language, looking at vscode in depth, attracting contributors, bug reporting....

Thank you everyone involved in one way or another. Organizers, speakers and attendees.  I had a great Saturday :)

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