domingo, 9 de agosto de 2009


I think I'm kind of recovering from my recent emotional wounds, and starting to
live without thinking about S. 10 times a day, and only doing it 3 times a day.

It's not that it's easy, but perl and alcohol are taking me far from my problems.

Now I know^H^H^H^H^Hfeel I can't expect nothing from noone. Circumstances always manage to
screw everything, and making me more and more sceptic about people. Closing
myself in a bubble is the way to go. Fuck off world, you won.


My first YAPC was amazing. Really amazing.
Attending the conferences was a great experience. Seeing great speakers do their presentations, that make you stay mentally online for the whole conference, while you learn new useful things was a great experience. Damian Conway, JJ Merelo, Paul Fenwick, mst and many others made the whole experience really enlightening.

I talked a while to Merelo, about Feijoada Computing, and we had some nice discussions about eodev vs Algorithm-Evolutionary . I met rafl too, and had lots of fun with all the spanish perlers.

As always, Larry's Keynote was great. Lots of references to other languages and so. He mainly talked about latest perl6 progress (how to make perl6 strict at compile time and permissive at runtime).

I assisted to some perl6 talks (Pmichaud's about hacking perl6, Jonathan Worthington's about perl6 roles in depth, Mbrends intro to perl6, and some lingthning talks about perl6). Patrick Michaud announed the release of the first official rakudo release called "rakudo star" . It will be out by spring 2010, and it won't be a complete perl6 implementation, but at least, it will be a stable perl6, that will work for most jobs. Patrick said that devs need people to write perl6 apps, to guide them on further developing.

We had lots of fun with Diego, David and Rafa (Madrid perl mongers) both in conferences and having some drinks out there. I also had a great night with BooK, brunorc, Jonathan W. , and 3 other guys (Sorry, I can't remember your names), talking about marketing perl, perl6 concurrency models and drinking warm chartreuse.

My roommate, Casiano (the one responsible for my addiction to perl) was as kind and great as always. The only uni professor ever that fed my hacking mind. Thanks Casiano!
JDelgado and Alexm, as great as always. geeks, funny, and really motivated. Theese people make you have a good time while enlightening you in many many aspects.

Thursday, YAPC was over, but I went to a Modern Perl workshop driven by mst and ash. Great introductions to DBIx::Class, Moose and Catalyst. We wrote a simple web app that translated english to LOLSPEAK. Great, isn't it?

All in all, a really great experience: coding, learning, lolcats, bets, autcions, drinks, and I'm already hoping I'll be able to go to YAPC::EU::2010 in Pisa. As Jose Castro said in the last keynote, Perl is alive and kicking, and, in fact, stronger than ever. It's our mission to spread the word, but power is ours.


(Links will be added in near future)

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