domingo, 19 de septiembre de 2010

ESUG 2010: It's awesomeness all way down

ESUG 2010 was held at Barcelona (well, technically, Cornellà). For people that don't know what's ESUG, it's one of the most important smalltalk events worldwide.

A week full of talks, great fun, hours of hacking and chatting with other smalltalkers.

The weekend before the conference, citilab was open to all smalltalkers who wanted to participate in the SmalltalkCamp. Two days of coding and meeting with other smalltalkers. I started rereading the seaside book and got some help from Bernat. It was fun to see the creators of what I was trying to understand (seaside) walking and coding around. Another nice curiosity was when someone entered the SmalltalkCamp with an OOPSLA t-shirt. It was like: "wow, important people around!" :)

Monday, at 9:00 the conference started officially, but by then, I had already met some great smalltalkers. Here is the schedule of the whole esug.

90% of the talks where amazing, I mean, good contents, with an accurate dose of humour, and talks given by people with nice speech skills.

Xtreams (Martin Kobetic), Design decisions behing Patagonia(Hernán Wilkinson), All Esteban Lorenzano's talks (mars and reef), Helvetia (Lukas Renggli), Stephane Ducasse's talks, Richie and ..... too many good ones to remember the name of all.

Citilab made a great job organizing it all, and we, the local group had very little to do (thanks to volunteers too). Myself I just had to help some people with maps, subways and take some smalltalkers to 'visit' Barcelona. :)

I bought a special edition of the seaside book and got it signed by Ducasse and Renggli. WOW!

Well, it's been a short and late post, but I can't write a post with all cool things I learned there, so it's more a "I've survived" post than a "hey, look what they showed us".

Soon, citilab will make the recordings of ALL the talks available on the web. I think they'll be hosted in cincom's servers. I'll post about that when it effectively happens.

I met many people and had lots of fun talking not only about smalltak but technology in general, and life, universe and everything. Mostly argentinians but not only them. Gabriel, Gabriela, Hernán Wilkinson, Leandro, Richie, Javi, Nico, Ricardo, Esteban Lorenzano,... Great people.

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The archives for the ESUG talks:

They will be appearing at a rate of 1 a week.