viernes, 30 de octubre de 2020

The Web 2.1

I've never done any kind of smart frontend. My Rails experience was more inside lib/ and app/{models,controllers} than in app/views or assets/ . 

Over the years I tried a few frameworks to see if any of those 'clicked', but I didn't give time to any of them to sink in.

I the re-frame tutorials, but I didn't have any project of any size to try it.

I tried mithrill.js when I wrote my ultimate F5 crusher.

Long time ago I also gave a shot at intercooler.js, and seemed a very orthogonal, low-risk library to sprinkle pre-baked js into elements.  And found in HN that its author moved to develop htmx.

Fast forward to this week. The article "If not SPAs, what?" in HN brought up htmx again, and it was paired with alpine.js, tailwindcss, and others.   And it seems there's a kinda underground trend following the approach of totally detattched js/css on top of old classic Rails/Laravel/Django/YouNameIt. 

Maybe this time I'll swing along with the pendulum.

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