miércoles, 28 de julio de 2021

More on Writing, Notation, Symbols, and Emoji

Since My "On Writing" post, a few posts came through HN that touched somehow on the communication styles, context, and missconceptions on sharing knowledge.

- What happened when I stopped using emojis. That reasonates with my thinking a lot. I'm trying to use only the modern version of '+1' and simple ':)'. The other ones dumb down the expressivity to a baseline that brings nearly 0 info. On the other hand, knowing that old reddit's '/s' has its own family of symbols and meanings made me think that well used, a short symbol can convey the a lot of info (https://toneindicators.carrd.co/). On Context and the power of understanding "where that person is coming from", there's this great example on Greg Wilson's talk What Everoyone in Thech Should Know About Teaching and Learning where it explains how in examining the novice's mistakes, you can infer what he/she didn't understand, and what's the best explanation or example to give in order to solve the enigma and make it 'click'. (As an aside: I think it's a great example of why human interactivity is not redundant once you have docs and wikis.)

Which brings us to APL (again), and its notation. I've been more and more excited by APL, and I'm following now some APLers on youtube, for example Rodrigo Girao which does great short beginner videos on APL solving leetcode problems. Also, subscribed to the shakti mailing list, and reading 'mastering dyalog' when I have some time.


On the strict writing side, I found a couple of courses and docs in https://developers.google.com/tech-writing and https://developers.google.com/style/highlights that deserve a good read. I just skimmed them, but well.... something >> nothing.

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